Rock Hard


What makes our trays different?


Stain Resistance

Unlike the majority of stone resin trays, our trays are not a painted surface varnish. The stone resin is coloured throughout so that the body is exactly the same material and therefore the same colour as the surface. Due to this they are much more resistant to stains. One example of this difference is that you can spill and leave nail varnish remover on one of our trays for up to 24 hours without damaging the surface whilst a painted stone resin tray will only withstand this powerful chemical for 1 minute before it starts to corrode the surface. If you would like to see more comparisons of how our trays compare to the painted versions, please CLICK HERE


Wear and Tear

Similar to their resistance to chemicals and staining, our trays are much more resistant to general wear and tear and the tray will continue to look exactly the same for many, many years as it does on the first day it is installed. As just explained, due to the fact that our trays are full coloured body, if you have the misfortune to drop something on the tray and chip or scratch it, what you see below the surface (in the chip or scratch), is exactly the same colour as the surface itself and therefore it much less noticeable than a painted stone resin tray. However, if you wish,  a repair kit can be purchased which can easily repair the tray so that any chip or scratch is made virtually invisible.


Incredibly adaptable due to flexible sizing

The tray can be cut down either in the factory free of charge or onsite to any given size and shape. They can be cut to virtually any size in much the same way as a porcelain tile is cut making them incredibly adaptable to the most difficult bathroom shape or application. 


Anti-slip surface

The Centuria Stone finish is a grade 3 classified anti-slip finish. This is the maximum classification meaning that the textured surface helps avoid potential slips and injuries in the hazardous area where both water and soap are abundant. 


Five year manufacturer's warranty and...

One of their main components is recycled PET plastic bottles helping make the tray environmentally friendly.

PLUS every tray is treated with special long term anti-bacteria coating presenting the growth of fungi.

AND FINALLY the tray comes with a UK McAline drain so that no European adapter kits are required for the installation.


MCBATH & Rock Hard Stuff ltd

MCBATH was established over ten years ago in Valencia, Spain and since then has become a leading manufacturer of stone resin shower trays within Europe supplying various multinational retailers and boasting a turnover of over 20 million euros. 

Rock Hard Stuff Ltd give the bathroom retailer the opportunity to purchase from a substantial UK stock holding where the tray can be supplied within three days. If you prefer to take advantage of the full catalogue portfolio, you can purchase directly from the factory with Rock Hard Stuff Limited organising the transport for you.

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